Decisions Near the End of Life: Modules 1-7

By Education Development Center, Inc.

The 7 modules were originally developed as part of the curriculum materials Decisions Near the End of Life, a national institution-based, multidisciplinary continuing medical education program designed to assist clinicians in making more humane and rational decisions about the care of dying patients and their families. Each module, presented in magazine form, includes essays by leading experts on ethics, law and end-of-life care. Titles include Working with the Law, Planning with Patients, Weighing Benefits and Burdens, Patients without Decision-Making Capacity, Problem Solving in Hard Cases, and Futility.

Contact Info: Karen Heller (1-800-225-4276 x2343)

Project Website: Decisions Near the End of Life

Published by: Education Development Center, Inc.

Institutions enrolled in the Decisions Near the End of Life program may purchase the set of modules for a discounted rate. Please contact Karen Heller, Project Director, at 617/969-7100, ext. 2343.

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