Improving Health Through Schools: National and International Strategies

By Isolde Birdthistle of EDC and WHO School Health Team, HHD/EDC, Members of the School Health Component of WHO's Mega Country Network for Health Promotion

This document compiles status reports of demographics, national strategies, lessons learned, and current challenges in the field of school health for the world's ten most populous countries: Bangladesh, Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Russian Federation, and the United States of America. It also includes overviews of strategies and efforts of WHO and other international organizations to promote school health. A chapter about HHD/EDC introduces HHD's mission and goals, its history in school health programs, and HHD's approach to facilitating change. This chapter includes an overview of Key Factors in Changing Policy and Practice including a clear vision, national guidelines, leadership skills, administrative and management support, data-driven planning and decision making, critical mass and supportive norms, team training and ongoing coaching.

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WHO call numbers: WHO/NMH/HPS/00.1 WHO/SCHOOL/00.1 This is part of the WHO Information Series on School Health.

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