Northeast Injury Prevention Network: Poison Databook

By Children's Safety Network

Produced by the eight state Northeast Injury Prevention Network (NEIPN) in collaboration with the Maternal and Child Health Bureau (MCHB) and the MCHB Poison Control and Prevention Program, the Poison Data Book examines extent of the problem, and the intent, cause and potential risk factors of poisoning events in each state and across the region. Regionally there were averages of 3,246 deaths, 34,276 hospital discharges and 279,446 calls to Poison Control Centers related to poisoning annually. Poisoning incidents are often perceived as mainly due to unintentional ingestion by young children, yet significant numbers of poisonings are due to adolescent suicide attempts, overdoses of narcotics and psychodysleptics (hallucinogens), and medication mismanagement by elders. Appendices include ICD9/CM poisoning related codes, state-by-state tables of poison related deaths and hospitalizations by age, sex and ethnicity, tables of Poison Control Center data, a directory of Poison Control Centers in the northeast and a glossary of terms used in the Data Book.

Contact Info: Elizabeth Frisco (1-800-225-4276 x2928)

Project Website: Children's Safety Network: National Injury and Violence Prevention Resource Center

Published by: Education Development Center, Inc.

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