Jobs for the 21st Century: Sri Lanka Assessment

By Darshini DeZoysa, Caroline Fawcett, John Helwig, Nirmali Hettiarachchi, Janet Orr, Sujatha Ratnayake, and Mark Sorensen

This report presents the findings, conclusions, and recommendations from a rapid assessment of Jobs for the 21st Century for Sri Lanka, jointly sponsored by the United States Agency for International Development/Bureau of Asia and the Near East and the USAID Mission in Sri Lanka. One of the main goals of the report is to mesh current knowledge and information of Sri Lankan workforce development into a coherent strategy that examines the three main components of the assessment: the youth, the economic environment that shapes workforce demand, and the institutional supply of workforce training. In so doing, this report identifies key workforce issues and develops programming recommendations around a multi-project agenda for workforce development in the country.

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