Jobs for the 21st Century: India Assessment

By C.K. Basu, Charles Conconi, Heather Elmer, Caroline Fawcett, Ronald Israel, Amir Khan, and Glen Witter

This report is part of a larger study, Jobs for the 21st Century Initiative, sponsored by the U.S. Agency for International Development’s (USAID) Asia and Near East Bureau. This initiative identifies trends and promising approaches to addressing youth and workforce issues in the Asia/Near East Region. The main goal of the report is to mesh current knowledge and information of India workforce development into a coherent strategy that examines the three main components of the assessment: the youth, the economic environment that shapes workforce demand, and the institutional supply of workforce training. This report is framed around central questions.

  • How can job skills and placement opportunities for unemployed vulnerable youth be increased in India, with particular attention to the National Capital Region (Delhi), Maharashtra, and Jharkhand?
  • What are the entry points of youth into the labor market, and how do these points relate to economic growth, employment generation, livelihood and labor policies in the three targeted states?
  • What are the formal and non-formal education and training opportunities and institutions that can help prepare out-of-school unemployed youth in the three targeted states for work and engagement in civil society?
  • What kinds of strategies and programs might USAID consider that will strengthen local efforts to meet the education, training, and employment needs of unemployed out-of-school youth (OSY)?

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