Evaluation of the Jordan Education Initiative

By EDC and RTI International

The Jordan Education Initiative (JEI) was created in 2003, with the assistance of the World Economic Forum to leverage public-private partnerships to improve the application of information and communication technology (ICT) in grades 1–12 in Jordanian schools. EDC and Research Triangle International (RTI) were asked to conduct a four-part evaluation of JEI program strategy and implementation. The objectives of this synthesis report are to summarize the findings from all four task reports and to provide the JEI and its partners with a comprehensive set of recommendations for building achievements to date and increasing the program's impact on improved learning in Jordan.

Contact Info: Daniel Light (2128074200 x4223)

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Download a copy of Evaluation of the Jordan Education Initiative: Synthesis Report (PDF, 284 KB): http://ies.edc.org/resources/print/evaluationofthejeisynthesisfinalreport.pdf

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Download a copy of Task 1 Report: The Emerging Paradigm of Teaching and Learning in Discovery Schools (PDF, 327 KB): http://ies.edc.org/resources/print/evaluationofthejeitask1finalreport.pdf

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Download a copy of Task 2 Report: An Evolving Partnership for Change: Stakeholders’ Reflections on the Jordan Education Initiative (PDF, 122 KB): http://ies.edc.org/resources/print/evaluationofthejeitask2finalreport.pdf

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Download a copy of Task 3 Report: Review of the Technology Employed to Deliver E-Learning ( PDF, 473 KB): http://ies.edc.org/resources/print/evaluationofthejeitask3finalreport.pdf

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Download a copy of Task 4 Report: Cost Assessment of Technology Support for E-Learning (PDF, 180 KB): http://ies.edc.org/resources/print/evaluationofthejeitask4finalreport.pdf

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