Case Studies in Global School Health Promotion: From Research to Practice

By Carmen Aldinger and Cheryl Vince Whitman (editors)

A growing body of research identifies strong links between children’s health, social, and educational outcomes; it also notes the reciprocal benefits of access to quality education on individual and family health status. In response to these findings, the World Health Organization developed the concept of the Health-Promoting School (HPS). Case Studies in Global School Health Promotion provides readers with examples from over two dozen countries (representing urban and rural areas in developing and developed nations) that outline the strategies taken to implement HPS programs in individual schools, municipalities, and nations. For each program, case study authors explain the problems they tackled, their motivation and supports to respond creatively; and the barriers they faced. In the cases, authors describe the capacities and infrastructure they created and mechanisms for cooperation; as well as the personnel, financial, and time requirements involved.

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