Exploring Bioethics

By EDC's Bioethics writing team, lead by Millie Solomon and Jacqueline S. Miller

Exploring Bioethics gives students an opportunity to grapple with some of the most challenging and engaging ethical issues our society is facing as a consequence of advances in the life science. It was designed to complement existing high school biology curricula and to align with the National Science Education Standards. The program includes introductory materials and six modules:

  • Bioethics Concepts and Skills
  • Balancing Individual and Community Claims: Establishing State Vaccination Policies
  • Allocating Scarce Resources: The Case of Organ Transplantation
  • Weighing Benefits and Harms: Ethical Issues in Genetic Testing
  • Research Ethics: The Power and Peril of Human Experimentation
  • Modifying the Natural World: Human Responsibilities toward Animals
Exploring Bioethics promotes active and collaborative learning to help students develop their ethical-reasoning and critical-thinking skills. It emphasizes key bioethical concepts and analytic methods, cutting-edge science content, real-world scenarios, and built-in assessment tools.

Contact Info: Kerry Ouellet (1-800-225-4276 x2570)

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Obtain a copy of Exploring Bioethics from the National Institutes of Health, Office of Science Education website: http://science.education.nih.gov/customers.nsf/HSBioethics.htm

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ISBN: 780892925506