The Voice of Children Toolkit: School Edition

By Cheryl Vince Whitman, Shari Kessel Schneider, Marwan Awartani, Vivian Guilfoy, Linda O’Toole, Jean Gordon

The Voice of Children Toolkit is designed for any adult willing to involve young people ages 13–20 in a process of discovery. It includes methods and strategies to conduct a survey and focus groups that enable young people to express how different learning environments affect each and every aspect of their well-being. The manual and its tools guide users through a process that engages young people in answering the critical questions:

  • How do features of your school as a learning environment affect your well-being?
  • What changes will make this learning environment more conducive to fostering all aspects of well-being and effective learning?"

Project Website: Universal Education Foundation

Published by: Education Development Center, Inc.

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