Continuity of Care for Suicide Prevention and Research

By David J. Knesper, American Association of Suicidology and Suicide Prevention Resource Center

This is a comprehensive report offering recommendations for the ongoing care of patients at risk for suicide who have been treated in emergency departments and hospitals. Based on an encyclopedic review and analysis of existing research, the 150-page report is the first review of continuity of care as a means to prevent suicide. The report includes ten principles for improved continuity of care, and provides real-world examples of seven integrated systems of care in the U.S. and Europe. Other key recommendations for practice and research address: targeting high-risk individuals; improving education and training for suicide risk assessment; responding to patients who have become disengaged from treatment; coordinating care; and improving infrastructure to provide continuity of care.

Contact Info: David Litts (2025723700 x3730)

Project Website: National Suicide Prevention Resource Center

Published by: Suicide Prevention Resource Center

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