Be Vocal, Be Visible, Be Visionary: Recommendations for College and University Presidents on Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention

By Presidents Leadership Group

The Presidents Leadership Group was formed to create a blueprint for alcohol and other drug prevention on college campuses. This national group of college presidents came together in 1997 to review approaches for curbing student substance use and to develop a comprehensive plan of action. This step was prompted by growing public concern about high-risk drinking by college students and its negative impact on the ability of colleges and universities to fulfill their educational mission. As former HIgher Education Center Director William DeJong explained, "Our hope is that the Presidents Leadership Group will convince college presidents across the country to make alcohol and other drug prevention a priority and to approach this problem by working in collaboration with community prevention groups, local elected officials, police, and alcohol retailers." The report, funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, promotes the Group's 13 recommendations for an approach to student alcohol abuse, one that reflects a more complete understanding of how societal conditions drive alcohol use.

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