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A Call to Action: HIV/AIDS, Health, Safety, and the Youth Employment Summit
Robin Franz, Cheryl Vince Whitman, Wendy Santis, Scott Pulizzi, Carmen Aldinger, and Michael Rosati (2002).

Bangladesh Youth Employment Pilot (BYEP): Program Description & Assessment Findings
Education Development Center, Inc. (December 2008).

Bioscience Education and Training Program Directory
Judith Leff and Maura O'Dea (1995-08-01).

Creating a High-Standard, Inclusive and Authentic Certification Process
Maria-Paz Beltran Avery (2003).

Critical Transitions: Human Capacity Development Across the Lifespan
Beryl Levinger (1996).

Education for All Youth Challenge Grant (EFA): Engaging Young Men in Jamaica's Urban Areas
EDC and People’s Action for Community Transformation in Jamaica (Jamaica PACT) (2009).

EQUIP3 Lessons Learned (2003-2012): Experiences in Livelihoods, Literacy, and Leadership in Youth Programs in 26 Countries
EDC (April 2012).

Gateway to the Future: Skill Standards for the BioScience Industry
Judith Leff, Joyce Malyn-Smith, Monika Aring (1995-04-01).

Gender in Youth Livelihoods and Workforce Development Programs
EDC (2012).

Guide to Assessing and Designing Tourism Workforce Development Programs
Alejandra Bonifaz, Don Hawkins, and Ron Israel (2010).

Health and Safety Training for Young Workers: How Do We Really Make this Work
Children's Safety Network (2005).

HIV/AIDS and Employment: Protecting Young People and Involving Them in Work-Related Solutions
Wendy Santis, Cheryl Vince Whitman, Sridhar Venkatapuram, Laurie Rosenblum, Michael Rosati, and Puneetha Palakurthi (2003).

Implementation Strategies for Improving STEM Education and Workforce Development in Massachusetts: A Survey of Key Policy Makers
Nancy Richardson, Barbara Brauner Berns, Judith Opert Sandler, Lisa Marco (2009/02/01).

Intel Teach to the Future 2004 End of School Year Survey Report
Wendy Martin, Naomi Hupert, and Tomoe Kanaya (2004).

Involving Young People in Efforts to Combat HIV and AIDS in Africa: The Importance of Income-Generating Strategies
Wendy Santis, Laurie Rosenblum, Cheryl Vince Whitman, and Anthony Bloome (May 2007).

IT Pathway Pipeline Model: Rethinking Information Technology Learning in Schools
J. Malyn-Smith, J. Donaldson, V. Spera, J. Wong, R. Kimboko, C. Llorente, M. Miller, S. Bredin, V. Guilfoy (January, 2000).

Jobs for the 21st Century: Cambodia Assessment
Erik Payne Butler, Caroline Fawcett, Vicheanon Khieu, Robert Miltz, Samsen Neak, and Francisco Roman (August 2006).

Jobs for the 21st Century: India Assessment
C.K. Basu, Charles Conconi, Heather Elmer, Caroline Fawcett, Ronald Israel, Amir Khan, and Glen Witter (November 2005).

Jobs for the 21st Century: Indonesia Assessment
Gerald Boardman, Roehl Briones, Caroline Fawcett, Abdul Hamid, and Yustina Rostiawati (March 2007).

Jobs for the 21st Century: Philippines Assessment
Heather Elmer, Caroline Fawcett, Ronald Israel, David James-Wilson, Erlinda C. Pefianco, Francisco Roman, Lynn Salinger, Adrienne R. Smith, and Teresa M. Soriano (December 2005).

Jobs for the 21st Century: Sri Lanka Assessment
Darshini DeZoysa, Caroline Fawcett, John Helwig, Nirmali Hettiarachchi, Janet Orr, Sujatha Ratnayake, and Mark Sorensen (May 2006).

Jobs for the 21st Century: Synthesis Paper
Caroline Fawcett, Roehl Briones, and Aiken Tafgar (June 2007).

Lessons Learned from Moving the Haitian Out-Of-School Youth Livelihood Initiative (IDEJEN) Beyond the Pilot Phase
Melanie Beauvy, Ron Israel, Sarah Johnson, and Marie Guerda Prévilon (2010).

LifeWorks Youth Enterprise Development: A ROAD to HIV Prevention and Mitigation in Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo
Tamara Duggleby, Melanie Beauvy, and Christopher Degnan (August 2008).

Local Manufacturing Industry Skill Standards
Joyce Malyn-Smith and Joseph Ippolito (1996).

Making Skill Standards Work: Highlights From The Field
Judith Leff, Joyce Malyn Smith, Elisabeth Hiles (1999).

Preparing for the Perfect Storm—A Report on the Forum Taking Action Together: Developing a National Action Plan to Address the "T&E" of STEM
Ralph K. Coppola, Parametric Technology Corporation; and Joyce Malyn-Smith, EDC (editors) (2006).

Promoting Safe Work for Young Workers: A Community-Based Approach
Children's Safety Network (1999).

Reviled, Rejected, but Resilient: Homeless People in Recovery and Life Skills Education
John Wong, Ph.D. and Gene Mason, Ph.D. (September 2001).

Technical and Vocational Education and Training
EDC (2012).

The Biomanufacturing Skill Standards: Benchmarks for Manufacturing Occupations in the Biotechnology Industry
Judith Leff and New Hampshire Community Technical College (2005-01-01).

The Ford Partnership for Advanced Studies (Ford PAS) Curriculum
Ford PAS Staff (2003-2005).

The Teaching Firm: Where Productive Work and Learning Converge
Center for Workforce Development (January, 1998).

Upping the Numbers: Using Research-Based Decision Making to Increase Diversity in the Quantitiative Disciplines
Patricia B. Campbell, PhD, Campbell-Kibler Associates, Inc.; Eric Jolly, PhD, Education Development Center, Inc.; Lesli Hoey, BA, Campbell-Kibler Associates, Inc.; Lesley K. Perlman, BS, Campbell-Kibler Associates, Inc. (January, 2002).

Work and Life Literacy: A New Paradigm for Education in the 21st Century
Vivian Guilfoy and John Wong (September 2002).

Working Together for Safety: A State Team Approach to Preventing Occupational Injuries in Young People
Marc Posner (2005).

YCoP Links: The Next Generation
Produced as part of the USAID Youth Community of Practice (YCoP) by EDC (2012).

Youth Community of Practice (YCoP) Links: The First 50 Issues
Suzanne Kratzig and Ann Hershkowitz (July 2009).

Youth Livelihoods Development Program Guide
David James-Wilson (June 2008).

Youth Service Programs: A Study of Promising Models in International Development
Ron Israel and Sarah Nogueira-Sanca (April 2011).

Youth@Work: Talking Safety
Diane Bush, Robin Dewey, and Betty Szudy of Labor Occupational Health Program and Christine Miara of EDC. (2007).