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Adventures in Supercomputing: 1993 - 1994 Evaluation Final Report
Margaret Honey, Katie McMillan, Kallen Tsikalas, Clareann Grimaldi (January 1995).

Analyzing Performance by Hispanic High School Students on the Massachusetts State Assessment
María Teresa Sánchez; Stacy Ehrlich; Emily Midouhas; and Laura O’Dwyer, Boston College (June 2009).

Beyond Barbie® and Mortal Kombat: New Perspectives on Gender and Gaming
Yasmin B. Kafai, Carrie Heeter, Jill Denner, and Jennifer Y. Sun (editors) (2008).

Building a Gender Friendly School Environment: A Toolkit for Educators and Their Unions
Scott Pulizzi and Laurie Rosenblum (2007).

Celebration Ideas: Activities and Resources for Schools, Classrooms, and Families
National Inclusive Schools Week Project Staff (2005).

Connections and Commitments: A Latino-based Framework for Early Childhood Educators
Costanza Eggers-Piérola (2002).

Connections and Commitments: Reflecting Latino Values in Early Childhood Programs
Costanza Eggers-Piérola (2005).

Developing Traffic Safety Education Materials for Spanish-Speakers
Christine Miara and Erica Streit-Kaplan (April 2006).

Disability FAQ Packet
WEEA Equity Resource Center (2000).

E-Government for All: Ensuring Equitable Access to Online Government Services
Andy Carvin, Jennifer Hill, and Shani Smothers (2004).

Effective Access: Teachers’ Use of Digital Resources in STEM Teaching
Katherine Hanson and Bethany Carlson (2005).

Equity in On-line Professional Development
Joyce S. Kaser (2004).

From Barbie® to Mortal Kombat: Gender and Computer Games
Justine Cassell and Henry Jenkins (editors) (1998).

Gender Gaps in Assessment Outcomes in Vermont and the United States
Josephine Louie and Stacy Ehrlich (2008).

Gender Health/Respectful Schools
Gender, Diversities, & Technology Institute and 7 Generations Video (2004).

Gender in Youth Livelihoods and Workforce Development Programs
EDC (2012).

Guidelines for Developing Traffic Safety Educational Materials for Spanish-Speaking Audiences
Educación de seguridad en el tránsito/Education in Traffic Safety project, EDC (May 2006).

Inclusion Is the Answer: Unions Involving and Supporting Educators Living with HIV
Scott Pulizzi, Laurie Rosenblum, and Mora Oommen (2007).

Infusing Equity in Systemic Reform: An Implementation Scheme
B. Anderson, P. Campbell, Y. George, E. Jolly, J. Kahle, N. Kreinberg, J. Lopez-Ferrao, G. Taylor (January, 1998).

Intel Teach to the Future 2003 End of School Year Survey Report
Wendy Martin, Tomoe Kanaya, and Jacinth Crichton (2004).

Intel Teach to the Future 2004 End of School Year Survey Report
Wendy Martin, Naomi Hupert, and Tomoe Kanaya (2004).

Intel Teach to the Future U.S. Implementation, Classic and Expansion Teachers 2004 End of School Year Survey Summary
Wendy Martin, Naomi Hupert, and Tomoe Kanaya (2004).

Linking Data and Learning: The Grow Network Study
Daniel Light, Margaret Honey, Cricket Heinze, Cornelia Brunner, Dara Wexler, Ellen Mandinach, and Chad Fasca (2005).

Live @ the Exploratorium–Origins: Final Evaluation Report
Robert Spielvogel and Han-hua Chang (2004).

Migrant and Seasonal Head Start and Child Care Partnerships
Ellen Kiron, Valentina I. Kloosterman, Yvette Sanchez, and Sheila Skiffington (2003).

More Than Title IX: How Equity in Education has Shaped the Nation
Katherine Hanson, Vivian Guilfoy, and Sarita Pillai (July 28, 2009).

New Measures of English Language Proficiency and Their Relationship to Performance on Large-Scale Content Assessments
Caroline E. Parker, Josephine Louie, and Laura O’Dwyer (2009).

Planting the Seeds of Equity: Proceedings of the Inter-American Forum “The Role of Education in Preventing Gender-based Violence”
Gender & Diversities Institute and Centro de Investigaciones en Estudios de la Mujer (2002).

Principal Leadership (November 2006)
Amy Aparicio Clark and Amanda Dorris (2006-11-01).

Processes and Challenges in Identifying Learning Disabilities Among English Language Learner Students in three New York State Districts
María Teresa Sánchez, Caroline Parker, Bercem Akbayin, and Anna McTigue (February 2010).

Quranic Schools: Agents of Preservation and Change
Helen N. Boyle (2004).

Reducing Achievement & Opportunity Gaps: A Collaborative Framework
EDC Project Staff (March 2008).

Safe Havens: School, Community, and the Education of Youth and Children Experiencing Homelessness
John H. Wong, Jennifer Peace, Anne Wang, Caitlin Feeley, and Bethany Carlson (2005).

Science Clubs for Girls: A Guide to Starting Your Own
Maria-Paz Avery, Mason Mitchell-Daniels, Kimberly Sansoucy, and Mary Memmot (2003).

Strategies for Engaging Immigrant and Refugee Families
National Center for Mental Health Promotion and Youth Violence Prevention (July 2011).

Through My Own Eyes: Single Mothers and the Cultures of Poverty
Susan D. Holloway, Bruce Fuller, Marylee F. Rambaud, and Costanza Eggers-Piérola (1997, November 2001, second printing).

Tools for Latino Family Outreach: Supporting Student Success in the Middle Grades and Beyond
PALMS (Postsecondary Access for Latino Middle-grades Students) project staff (2006).

Visionary Middle Schools: Signature Practices and the Power of Local Invention
Catherine Cobb Morocco, Nancy Brigham, and Cynthia Mata Aguilar (2006).