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A Guide to Facilitating Cases in Education
Barbara Miller and Ilene Kantrov (1998).

Beyond Barbie® and Mortal Kombat: New Perspectives on Gender and Gaming
Yasmin B. Kafai, Carrie Heeter, Jill Denner, and Jennifer Y. Sun (editors) (2008).

Casebook on School Reform
Edited by: Barbara Miller and Ilene Kantrov (1998).

Connecting Generations, Strengthening Communities
Center for Intergenerational Learning and EDC's Health and Human Development Programs (2005).

Discover IDEA CD 2000
IDEA Partnership Projects, Western Regional Resource Center, NICHCY, and Education Development Center, Inc. (September, 2000).

Education for All Youth Challenge Grant (EFA): City Year in South Africa
EDC, City Year, and City Year South Africa (2009).

Education for All Youth Challenge Grant (EFA): Engaging Young Men in Jamaica's Urban Areas
EDC and People’s Action for Community Transformation in Jamaica (Jamaica PACT) (2009).

Education for All Youth Challenge Grant (EFA): Sports for Youth Development Uganda
EDC and The Kids League (2009).

EQUIP3 Lessons Learned (2003-2012): Experiences in Livelihoods, Literacy, and Leadership in Youth Programs in 26 Countries
EDC (April 2012).

Exploring Bioethics
EDC's Bioethics writing team, lead by Millie Solomon and Jacqueline S. Miller (2009-09-01).

Eyes on Bullying . . . What Can You Do?: A Toolkit to Prevent Bullying in Children’s Lives
Kim Storey, Ron Slaby, Melanie Adler, Jennifer Minotti, and Rachel Katz (2008).

From Barbie® to Mortal Kombat: Gender and Computer Games
Justine Cassell and Henry Jenkins (editors) (1998).

Gender in Youth Livelihoods and Workforce Development Programs
EDC (2012).

Guide to Assessing and Designing Tourism Workforce Development Programs
Alejandra Bonifaz, Don Hawkins, and Ron Israel (2010).

Guide to Cross-Sectoral Youth Assessments
Ron Israel, Barry Stern, and Clare Ignatowski of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) (2009).

Guiding Curriculum Decisions for Middle-Grades Language Arts
Margaret Russell Ciardi, Ilene Kantrov and Lynn T. Goldsmith with assistance from Anne Shure (September, 2001).

In Fulfillment of Their Mission: The Duties and Tasks of a Roman Catholic Priest: An Assessment Project
Joseph Ippolito, Rev. Mark A. Latcovich, and Joyce Malyn-Smith (2008).

IT Pathway Pipeline Model: Rethinking Information Technology Learning in Schools
J. Malyn-Smith, J. Donaldson, V. Spera, J. Wong, R. Kimboko, C. Llorente, M. Miller, S. Bredin, V. Guilfoy (January, 2000).

Learning for Life: Classroom Activities for HIV and AIDS Education
Scott Pulizzi and Laurie Rosenblum (December 2009).

Lessons Learned from Moving the Haitian Out-Of-School Youth Livelihood Initiative (IDEJEN) Beyond the Pilot Phase
Melanie Beauvy, Ron Israel, Sarah Johnson, and Marie Guerda Prévilon (2010).

Medical Interpreting Standards of Practice
MA Medical Interpreters Assoc. & Education Development Center, Inc. (1996).

Netsilik Eskimo Series
Education Development Center, Inc. in association with the National Film Board of Canada. (1967).

Organizing for Literacy: How Public Media Stations Are Raising Readers in Their Communities. A Case Study Report to the Ready to Learn Initiative
EDC (Shelley Pasnik, Wendy Martin, Lauren Bates, Naomi Hupert, Terri Meade, Eve Townsend) and SRI International (Carlin Llorente, William Penuel, Christine Korbak, Vera Michalchik, Denise Sauerteig, Corinne Singleton) (September 2010).

Out-of-School Youth in Developing Countries: What the Data Do (and Do Not) Tell Us
Caroline Fawcett; Ash Hartwell, University of Massachusetts; and Ron Israel (September 2010).

School Reform Behind the Scenes
Joseph P.McDonald, Thomas Hatch, Edward Kirby, Nancy Ames, Norris M. Haynes, and Edward T. Joyner (1999).

Teaching Middle School Students to Be Active Researchers
Judith M. Zorfass with Harriet Copel (1998).

Technical and Vocational Education and Training
EDC (2012).

The Afterschool Academies Guidebook for Action
Center for Afterschool Education, Foundations Inc.; Community Network for Youth Development; Citizen Schools; Gary and Eve Moody; and the YouthLearn Initiative at EDC (2009).

The Diagnostic Teacher: Constructing New Approaches to Professional Development
Edited by Mildred Solomon; Afterword by Janet Whitla (1999).

The Ford Partnership for Advanced Studies (Ford PAS) Curriculum
Ford PAS Staff (2003-2005).

The New Media Literacy Handbook--An Educator's Guide To Bringing New Media Into the Classroom
Cornelia Brunner, Ph.D., and William Tally (June 1999).

TV411®: A Television And Video Series
Adult Literacy Media Alliance (2004).

Using Data to Improve Schools: Raise Student Achievement by Incorporating Data Analysis in School Planning
Marguerite Roza, PhD, New England Comprehensive Center (October, 1998).

Work and Life Literacy: A New Paradigm for Education in the 21st Century
Vivian Guilfoy and John Wong (September 2002).

YCoP Links: The Next Generation
Produced as part of the USAID Youth Community of Practice (YCoP) by EDC (2012).

Youth Community of Practice (YCoP) Links: The First 50 Issues
Suzanne Kratzig and Ann Hershkowitz (July 2009).

Youth Councils: An Effective Way to Promote Youth Participation
Educational Quality Improvement Program 3 (EQUIP3) Staff (2009).

Youth Livelihoods Development Program Guide
David James-Wilson (June 2008).

Youth Service Programs: A Study of Promising Models in International Development
Ron Israel and Sarah Nogueira-Sanca (April 2011).